Azure Landing Zone in Terraform-Complete CAF IaC Solution

What is an Azure Landing Zone ?

Features of Azure Landing Zone

  1. Scalable
  1. Modular

Azure landing zone conceptual architecture

What is Cloud Adoption Framework ?

What are the six stages of the Cloud Adoption Framework?

  1. Strategy

Going through the Terraform code

  • The creates all the Resource Groups, and calls the module from modules directory.
  • The contains values of all the variables. You need to exchange “” with your values.

Some code examples

backend "azurerm" {
resource_group_name = "<Your Value here>"
storage_account_name = "<Your Value here>"
container_name = "<Your Value here>"
key = "<Your Value here>"
resource "azurerm_resource_group" "alz-rg" {
name = var.alz_rg_name
location = var.alz_rg_location
tags = var.tags
resource "azurerm_resource_group" "dev-rg" {
name = var.dev_rg_name
location = var.dev_rg_location
tags = var.tags
resource "azurerm_resource_group" "prod-rg" {
name = var.prod_rg_name
location = var.prod_rg_location
tags = var.tags
resource "azurerm_resource_group" "remote-rg" {
name = var.remote_rg_name
location = var.remote_rg_location
tags = var.tags
module "alz" {
source = "./modules/alz"
alz_vn_name = var.alz_vn_name
alz_vn_address = var.alz_vn_address
alz_rg_name =
alz_rg_location = azurerm_resource_group.alz-rg.location
alz_vn_subnet_name = var.alz_vn_subnet_name
alz_vn_subnet_address = var.alz_vn_subnet_address
alz_firewall_subnet_address = var.alz_firewall_subnet_address
alz_vn_gateway_subnet_address = var.alz_vn_gateway_subnet_address
alz_vn_bastion_subnet_address = var.alz_vn_bastion_subnet_address
alz_prod_vn_peering_name = var.alz_prod_vn_peering_name
prod_vn_id =
alz_dev_vn_peering_name = var.alz_dev_vn_peering_name
dev_vn_id =
alz_sa_name = var.alz_sa_name
alz_sa_tier = var.alz_sa_tier
alz_sa_replication_type = var.alz_sa_replication_type
alz_sa_container_name = var.alz_sa_container_name
alz_sa_container_access_type = var.alz_sa_container_access_type
alz_firewall_pip_name = var.alz_firewall_pip_name
alz_firewall_name = var.alz_firewall_name
alz_firewall_deny_ssh_rule_name = var.alz_firewall_deny_ssh_rule_name
alz_vpn_pip_name = var.alz_vpn_pip_name
alz_vn_gateway_name = var.alz_vn_gateway_name
alz_remote_connection_name = var.alz_remote_connection_name
vn_gateway_shared_key = var.vn_gateway_shared_key
remote_vn_gateway_id = module.remote.remote-vn-gateway-id
alz_law_name = var.alz_law_name
alz_law_sku = var.alz_law_sku
alz_bastion_pip_name = var.alz_bastion_pip_name
alz_bastion_name = var.alz_bastion_name
tags = var.tags
// ALZ variable values
alz_vn_name = "alz-vn"
alz_vn_address = [""]
alz_vn_subnet_name = "alz-subnet"
alz_vn_subnet_address = [""]
alz_firewall_subnet_address = [""]
alz_vn_gateway_subnet_address = [""]
alz_vn_bastion_subnet_address = [""]
alz_sa_name = "<Your Value Here>"
alz_sa_tier = "Standard"
alz_sa_replication_type = "LRS"
alz_sa_container_name = "alz-container"
alz_sa_container_access_type = "private"
alz_prod_vn_peering_name = "alz-prod-vn-peering"
alz_dev_vn_peering_name = "alz-dev-vn-peering"
alz_firewall_pip_name = "alz-firewall-pip"
alz_firewall_name = "alz-firewall"
alz_firewall_deny_ssh_rule_name = "alz-firewall-deny-ssh-rule"
alz_vpn_pip_name = "alz-vpn-pip"
alz_vn_gateway_name = "alz-vn-gateway"
alz_remote_connection_name = "alz-remote-vpn"
alz_law_name = "prod-law"
alz_law_sku = "PerGB2018"
alz_bastion_pip_name = "alz-bastion-pip"
alz_bastion_name = "alz-bastion"

Resources that are created

  1. General
  • Azure Policy to Allow only specific regions
  • Resource Group
  • Virtual Network, Subnets and Peering to Non-Prod Zone and Prod Zone
  • Azure Firewall with sample rules
  • Azure Bastian Host
  • Network Security Group with sample rules
  • Azure Storage Account
  • VPN Connection to Remote Site Zone
  • Resource Group
  • Virtual Network, Subnets and Peering to Landing Zone
  • Network Security Group with Sample rules
  • Azure Virtual Machine
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure Storage Account
  • Resource Group
  • Virtual Network, Subnets and Peering to Landing Zone
  • Network Security Group with Sample rules
  • Azure Virtual Machine
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Sample App Service
  • Log Analytics Workspace
  • Azure Storage Account
  • Resource Group
  • Virtual Network. Subnets
  • VPN Connection to Landing Zone


Run the code

Authenticate Azure CLI

Trigger Manually




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