Azure Stack is an On-Prem Hybrid Cloud Extension of Azure

What is Azure Stack?

Microsoft Azure Stack is a hybrid cloud solution that allows organizations to run Azure consistent services in their data center, providing a simplified development, management and security experience that is consistent with Azure public cloud services. Azure Stack is an extension of Azure; it enables you to run Azure services from your on-premises environments and then move to the Azure cloud if and when required.

Business Use Cases for Azure Stack

With Azure Stack, businesses can meet their most challenging IT requirements including data sovereignty, security, and compliance requirements. They can also run high-performance analytics and edge and disconnected applications, as well as provide a platform for modern application development.

1. Ensure compliance, data sovereignty, and security

* Azure Stack enables you to run the same service across multiple countries-as you would using a public cloud-but meet data sovereignty requirements by deploying the same application in data centers located in each country, thereby ensuring personal data is kept within that country’s borders.

2. Maximize performance and data transmission

* Applications that demand extremely high levels of performance and data ingress and egress may not benefit from a public cloud solution.

3. Connect edge and disconnected applications

* You may need to run applications either on the edge or ones that disconnect from your data center for a period of time. Some examples include ships, submarines, deep mine operations or remote locations without consistent or reliable connectivity.

4. Cloud native application development

* Cloud-native applications are developed to run as microservices in many different environments. Developers don’t want to have to use a different set of development tools for different microservices just because they run in a different environment. The fastest and most efficient option is to develop applications using a consistent set of tools and then deploy the application to wherever it’s required. Azure Stack and Azure are API-compatible, eliminating that concern.

Cloud Operating Model for Azure Stack

On-premises IT infrastructure provides a secure and controlled environment for business solutions but it also requires configuration, deployment, backup, and management tasks. IT administrators spend most of their time on these tasks, to simply keep their on-prem environments running. Operating Azure Stack is different than using the services of a public cloud such as Azure and requires a business to think through operational requirements to have a successful Azure Stack deployment and ongoing management.

2. Checking and maintaining health

* Simple and effective tools for monitoring, security, business continuity, and disaster recovery.

3. Managing use of resources

* IT infrastructure is successful only when your users are satisfied with the services provided, and you can successfully provide and operate these services for your users consistently.



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